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A range of great-value unlimited ADSL, fibre and fibre plus broadband options plus TV and on-demand streaming entertainment options. EE are currently offering MASSIVE free mobile data allowance boosts (up to 20GB per month!) for existing EE mobile customers too. Check out our latest EE offers below.

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Up to 20GB mobile data boost for EE mobile customers

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Boasting the biggest and best mobile network in the UK, EE have also been offering great deals on fixed-line broadband for many years. Check our BT broadband comparison table below for all the latest EE offers and online specials.

For a detailed broadband service check use our postcode checker to see which EE services you could receive at your location.

EE broadband review and overview

EE are probably best known for their mobile phone services and excellent 4G mobile data network, but they also offer very competitively priced home broadband plans. If you are an existing EE phone contract user the deal is sweetened further because they will give an extra 5GB to 20GB of mobile data free of charge when a broadband contract is taken out., depending on the broadband package chosen.

Broadband coverage from EE is typically very good because they use the BT Openreach infrastructure so it is highly likely that you will be able to receive broadband from EE wherever you are in the UK.

EE TV is a new service that allows you to bundle a TV service with your broadband and landline so that you can stream content to your TV and or up to four devices at the same time on your network.

There are regularly EE broadband deals to be had, with some online exclusives – a popular deal is the £50 switching fee that is often available which will be paid to you when you switch broadband to EE from another provider.

Take a look at the latest deals from EE in our comparison table below.

Types of EE broadband explained

There are two main home broadband options from EE, so you have a choice of electing for standard broadband (ADSL) which is cheaper but also the slowest option. Or you can choose from their fibre broadband option, Fibre Plus or Fibre Broadband (much faster than standard ADSL broadband).

EE Fibre Plus Broadband

Fibre Plus is the fastest fibre broadband currently offered by EE and provides estimated downloads speeds of between 72Mb per second and 76Mb per second with a guaranteed minimum speed of 64Mb per second. Setup is free of charge and you get the EE Smart Hub router. The contract is taken over 18 months.

EE Fibre Broadband

EE Fibre Broadband offers estimated download speeds in the region of 37Mb per second to 38Mb per second with a guaranteed minimum 36Mb per second download rate. Setup is free and the EE Smart Hub router is supplied. This is an 18 month contract.

EE Standard Broadband

Standard broadband is the ADSL (non-fibre) broadband option which runs at between an estimated 4Mb per second to 8Mb per second with a 2Mb per second guaranteed download speed. There is a small setup charge and you get the EE Bright Box router. You can opt to take standard broadband over a 12 month or 18 month contract.

All of the EE home broadband contracts offer a free mobile data boost on existing EE pay monthly plans so if you have a mobile phone contract from EE (not applicable for short SIM only contracts) free extra data could represent an excellent cost saving.

All of the EE broadband contracts also feature unlimited usage so there is no fear of hitting usage caps that would incur extra charges because usage is unlimited across the packages.

If you are planning on streaming content, buying the EE TV service or you have a household of data hungry users the best plans would be the fibre optic broadband packages. The standard ADSL may struggle to stream content to multiple devices at the same time depending on the quality of the connection.

Can I get EE broadband? Use our EE broadband checker

It is highly likely that you will be able to get EE broadband because the wide ranging BT infrastructure (used by EE) covers most of the UK.

Use our broadband postcode checker to check the latest deals that cover your specific postcode.

Simply enter your postcode in the tool below and you will see a list of the latest deals. Use the filters to show only certain provider deals (such as EE), speeds, costs, etc.)

EE TV and broadband

EE TV features a set top box from EE which allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV as well as access a wide variety of on-demand catch up TV.

You can watch catch up or live programs on up to four different devices at the same time using EE TV and you can create a flexible personal TV Guide on your mobile device so you can access your favourite content quicker.

The EE TV box comes with 1TB or storage which means you could store up to 600 hours of standard TV or 300 hours of HD TV on the set top box.

What EE TV channels can I get?

All of the following TV channels can be accessed free of charge on EE TV:


BT Showcase
CBS Action
CBS Drama
CBS Reality
Channel 4 HD
4seven HD
Channel 5 HD
5 Select
Community Channel
Create & Craft
Food Network
Gems TV
Horror Channel
Ideal World

Jewellery Maker
More 4
QVC Beauty HD
Rishtey Europe
Rocks & Co
Talking Pictures TV
The Store
Travel Channel
True Crime
True Entertainment
Your TV


CBeebies HD
Tiny Pop
Kix TV


Al Jazeera Eng HD
BBC News
BBC Parliament
Sky News

National TV Channels

Capital Music
4 Music
The Box
Box Hits
NOW Music


Movie Mix
Sony Movie Channel

Note – Some TV channels are only accessible via an Internet connection.

EE TV on demand

As well as traditional TV channels EE TV provides you with the options of using catch up TV services which opens up a wide variety of extra programming (some free of charge, others are paid options).
A monthly flexible subscription to Now TV would allow you to access premium content from Sky TV such as Sky Atlantic, the Sky Movie channels, Sky Sports, etc.

A selection of the most popular EE TV on demand apps are:

Now TV, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, hayu, Rakuten TV, BBC News, TVPlayer Plus, BBC Three, etc.

Buying EE TV is easy, you simply need to select your broadband contract and you will be given the option of adding EE TV to your order for a small additional monthly subscription fee.

EE broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy EE broadband

  • EE offer one of the best value phone line and broadband packages on the market. Their prices are regularly among the most competitive on the market.
  • There are often incentives to cancel your broadband contract with your current provider and switch to EE – sometimes £50 just to switch to look out for any switching deals.
  • Broadband coverage is excellent because EE is part of the BT group so it uses the BT Openreach infrastructure which covers the vast majority of the UK.
  • Their Fibre Plus Broadband option offers a speedy estimated 72-76Mbps download speed with a minimum guaranteed speed of 64Mbps.
  • If you are an EE mobile customer (not including short contract SIM only) by taking out EE broadband you can get your EE pay monthly plan boosted with an extra 5GB of data every month free of charge.
  • EE broadband offers unlimited usage on all its home broadband plans.
  • EE state that they will not throttle the speed on a customers’ broadband connection.
  • There are a wide variety of home phone landline call options to choose from.
  • Customers taking out an EE Fibre Plus or Fibre Broadband contract get the EE Smart Hub router.
  • EE offer a bundled service of landline, broadband and TV services so you can keep all your services and billing under one roof.

Potential negatives with using EE broadband

  • It is a requirement that you take an EE landline in order to get EE broadband (some providers allow you to have a separate landline provider).
  • There are no short broadband contracts on offer such as 30 days. Most contracts are 18 months with a selection at 12 months.