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When comparing broadband contracts between different providers most contract terms will be 12 months, 18 months or as long as 24 months. This means if you want to cancel your broadband contract for whatever reason before the minimum contract term has elapsed you would be subject to early cancellation penalty fees, which can be fairly substantial.

A way of avoiding being tied into a long broadband contract is to choose from one of the 30 day rolling broadband contracts available on the market. This means you can continue to receive broadband from the supplier after the 30 days have elapsed or you can give notice and at the end of your notice period switch to your preferred new supplier.

Companies such as Now TV offer a competitive short contract broadband option along with SSE, and Virgin Media among others. You will get a full range of broadband options ranging from ADSL through to fibre and superfast fibre so even though you are on a shorter contract you do not need to put up with slow broadband.

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We compare short contract broadband deals in our comparison table on this page so you will get a good idea of who the main providers are and what the monthly costs will be.

To make sure that the broadband deals are available in your area you should enter your postcode into the broadband availability checker and we will output the deals that you could receive in your location.

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Advantages of short broadband contracts

  • The obvious advantage to taking out a no contact or short term broadband contract is the flexibility that this provides. By taking out a standard 18 month broadband contract if your circumstances changed and you had to stop the contract you would be faced with penalty fees. With a 30 day rolling contract you would only need to give a short notice period and your contract would end with no early penalty fees.
  • Taking out a short contract allows you to test how good the service works in your specific area. If the download speeds are not what you wanted you could cancel at short notice.
  • No contract broadband works in exactly the same way as contracted broadband – you just aren’t tied in to a lengthy deal.
  • A short contract would be an obvious choice for people that are renting a house on a short term lease.
  • If you are considering moving house in the near future a short broadband contract would be preferable than being tied into a long contract.
  • Students that are living away from home will likely benefit from a short broadband contact (or one of the specific student broadband deals on offer).
  • People that work away from home or have a holiday home would stand to benefit from a short contract.
  • You may not need to pass a credit check to take out a no contract broadband package.
  • The fact that you aren’t tied into a long broadband contract means you can take advantage of great broadband sale deals as and when they become available.

Disadvantages of short broadband contracts

  • A disadvantage with a short broadband contract is that there will usually be a setup fee charged. There is an expense for broadband companies to setup new accounts so to mitigate this in the event that a customer might not stay long, they tend to charge a setup fee. This can be anything from around £20 to in excess of £50.
  • You may need to pay for the equipment needed for the broadband contract, such as a router/ home hub. Most routers are supplied free of charge with longer term contracts.
  • Line rental fees will still apply to short contract broadband contracts.
  • In some cases the shorter the broadband contract term, the most expensive the monthly fee. You could be receiving the exact same broadband package but the one difference is that you are on a 30 day contract versus an 18 month contract.