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Bundling your broadband, home phone and TV services will not only help to save you money and keep your bills under one roof, it will give you the opportunity to choose from a selection of unlimited, superfast broadband products that include TV channels featuring premium entertainment, sport and movie channels with pause, record and on-demand streaming available.

Choosing your broadband, phone and TV bundle

To get the right bundle for you, start with the service that is most important to you – this will usually be broadband or TV.

If you are keen on having the fastest widely available broadband on the market you will want to look at Virgin Media which means your bundle would include the TV package on offer from Virgin Media.

Those that are looking for premium TV channels covering sport, movies and blockbuster box sets will probably want to start looking at Sky bundles because they have an excellent selection of movie channels, sports channels and the excellent Sky Atlantic channel which shows the latest US TV shows and isn’t available on any other platform other than Sky.

If your primary consideration is a low cost TV and broadband bundle then TalkTalk would be a good candidate to check out. Their bundle deals are regularly among the cheapest on the market. Their broadband isn’t the fastest and the TV channel line-up isn’t the most comprehensive, but you will receive a cheap bundle deal from them.

Which providers offer broadband and TV deals?

There is an ever increasing number of broadband providers that offer TV, phone and broadband as a bundle. The biggest two companies are Sky and Virgin Media for bundle deals but it is definitely worth checking out the offers from the others.


Sky offer broadband ranging from standard ADSL running at an average 10Mbps through to Sky Fibre Max broadband averaging a speedy 58Mbps so streaming content online is no problem.

Bundling Sky TV services into the broadband package is where the subscription comes alive because you can add the excellent, award winning Sky Q set top box which allows you to view content in Ultra HD and the opportunity to watch and record up to 7 channels at once. On demand catch-up TV content can be accessed online via the Sky Q box and you have the chance to watch Sky TV on a range of different devices using Sky Go or in different rooms using Sky Multiroom, now called Sky Multiscreen.

The flexible Sky TV viewing packages mark out Sky from rival providers. You can select the viewing package this is of most interest to you. There are dedicated Sky packages for sports channels, movie channels, kids channels and entertainment channels. If you can’t choose which package to take you could subscribe to the full Sky TV package.

Virgin Media

If your main priority is to have the fasted broadband possible then look no further than Virgin Media. Their fastest VIVID 350 fibre broadband runs at an average 362Mbps download speed which is among the fastest connections commercially available in the UK.

Their TV package is the main rival to Sky TV in sheer quality and the number of premium channels available through their Virgin TV V6 set top box.

There are many similarities between Sky TV bundles and Virgin Media TV bundles both in terms of channels and equipment functionality.

The main difference between Sky and Virgin Media is the lower coverage of Virgin Media services in the UK. Around 60% to 65% of UK households can currently receive Virgin Media services, so if you are in the Virgin coverage area you can get great TV and blisteringly fast broadband. If not you will have to look at other providers.


TalkTalk broadband, TV and phone bundles represent excellent value. They are regularly listed among the cheapest bundle deals available.

The speed of their broadband products range at 11Mbps and 35Mbps average download speeds which are steady if unspectacular.

Adding TalkTalk TV to the bundle introduces a non-recordable set top box that allows you to pause and rewind live TV and access over 80 free channels. TalkTalk TV gives you the option to add premium channels such as the Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels by purchasing a TalkTalk TV Boost which is effectively a rolling monthly viewing package so you can upgrade or downgrade each month for extra flexibility.


NOW Broadband is a relative newcomer to the broadband and TV market but they are backed by Sky so they have a particular focus on broadband and TV bundling.

The NOW Super Fibre broadband contract operates at between 74.4Mbps to 80.0Mbps so is no slouch and comes bundled with a landline included.

When you add NOW TV viewing passes into the bundle you get access to the best sports, movies, kids programming and entertainment shows available. You have the flexibility to pay for a viewing pass each month so you can choose to pay for all TV services or if you only want to catch up on movies, just pay for the Sky Cinema pass for that month.

You don’t need a satellite dish or fancy equipment to view NOW TV programming, you just need to use their app which means you can watch TV on your Internet capable TV, laptop, computer, mobile phone, games console, etc. Content is streamed online and on-demand so whenever you want to watch a program you can simply select it and start watching. Although NOW TV gives you the option to view Sky Movies or the Sky Sports channels in real time so if you want to watch the latest big football match live you can buy a Sky Sports pass to watch the match (you can get single day Sky Sports passes).


BT are the most established provider of broadband and home phone lines in the UK, with many other broadband providers using the BT Openreach infrastructure to offer their own broadband services.

The BT Superfast Fibre broadband packages are extremely popular and widely available around the country running at fast average speeds. BT aren’t usually the cheapest broadband provider available but they offer, fast and reliable broadband.

BT TV is a service that runs on the YouView platform so a wide variety of channels can be viewed on the BT TV set top box, both live and via on-demand catch up services. TV packages include the BT TV Classic package which includes 80 channels, the BT TV Entertainment package which includes 100 channels and 20 premium channels, and the BT TV Max package which has 143 channels and includes the YouView+ UHD box. Plus don’t forget the benefit of having BT Sport which includes Champions League football matches live.

What bundle deal can I get? Use our broadband, phone and TV bundle checker

The type of broadband, phone and TV deal that you can choose will be dependent on where you live and whether the provider offers services to your area.

Virgin Media for instance don’t have as wide a coverage area as Sky or BT so you should use our postcode availability check to see which companies service your area.

All you would need to do is enter your postcode in the availability check and use the filter to show broadband, phone and TV bundle deals only. We will then show all the best deals in your area in a comparison table.

Frequently asked questions about broadband, phone and TV bundles


Which TV bundle contains the most TV channels?

If you are looking for a package that contains the most channels to choose from you would get the best deal from Sky as they provide a minimum of 300 channels with many more that you can choose to subscribe to.


Which is the most flexible TV package bundle?

If you are looking for the ultimate in flexibility your best option would be to opt for NOW TV because your TV package operate on a rolling monthly contract and you can pick and choose which type of TV programming you want to pay for. One month you might want to watch box sets, the next month movies, so switch your TV pass to the option you most prefer. Or you could subscribe to all passes to cover all bases!


Does subscribing to a bundle save money?

Most of the time if you buy bundled services you will receive a discount on your subscription compared to if they were taken out separately at different providers.


Any other benefits to subscribing to a phone, broadband and TV bundle?

An additional benefit is that all your bills come from the same company and all renewal dates remain the same as opposed to a separate renewal date for the TV subscription and separate date for broadband and phone line. Plus if something was to go wrong with the service you would have a single point of contact if your services were provided by the same company.