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Broadband package comparison

We make choosing a broadband package as easy as possible by providing broadband comparison tables based on a wide range of important criteria that should be taken into account when researching and making your decision to buy a new broadband contract.

Each person will have their own requirements specific to their situation so we try to cover as many variations as possible.

Depending on what you are looking for you may want to consider starting your search for broadband on the most relevant of these pages –

Best broadband deals

If you’re looking for the best overall deals that take into account price and services offered then the best broadband deals comparison table should be your first visit.

Cheap broadband deals

For those that are buying broadband on a budget we have a comparison table listing the cheapest broadband contracts available.

Unlimited broadband deals

If you use your broadband extensively for a range of uses and there are several people in your household you will want to have an unlimited usage broadband contract so you don’t get hit with any nasty extra data charges.

Superfast fibre broadband deals

Superfast broadband is among the fastest commercial broadband that you can get in the UK. Our comparison table compares superfast broadband contracts running at an average download speed of between 24Mbps up to a maximum of 300Mbps.

Fibre broadband deals

Fibre broadband offers a fast average download speed, a high coverage area and competitive pricing which makes fibre broadband contracts an extremely popular option.

ADSL broadband deals

ADSL or standard broadband is a good option if you live in a more rural area because ADSL broadband coverage is very high – around 99% so the vast majority of people will have the choice of an ADSL broadband contract.

Short broadband contract deals

A short broadband contract can be very useful if you have a holiday home or work away. Alternatively if you have a short tenancy agreement, are a student living away or you simply don’t want to be tied down to a 12 month+ contract you could get a 30 day broadband contract.

Student broadband deals

A small number of providers now offer student broadband contract which are usually 9 months in length so students are not paying for broadband out of term time. Products include Sky Student Broadband, Virgin Media Student Broadband, NOW TV Student Broadband and BT Student Broadband.

Broadband speeds and coverage

When you arrive at one of our broadband comparison tables it is recommended that you enter your postcode into the availability checker at the top of the comparison table and search those deals based on your location. The tool will then update showing only the broadband deals that can be bought from your postcode. This saves you time and money by not mistakenly opting for a broadband provider that doesn’t have coverage in your area.