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If you are looking for information about broadband or you have a particular broadband related question that you would like to have answered you are in the right place.

In our broadband guide section we are building up a comprehensive resource of expert and independent broadband guides to help answer any technical questions you may have.

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How to switch broadband provider

Switching broadband isn’t the complicated process that it once was. In fact since new rules implemented in 2015 it is actually very simple to switch broadband provider. We guide you through the switching process so that moving to a new provider should be a breeze. Read more.

About broadband speeds

Having fast broadband is one of the primary considerations for many buyers. We go into detail about broadband speeds so that you are well informed about which broadband product to choose and why. Read more.

Ways to watch Netflix on your TV

There are so many ways to watch Netflix on your TV. Our guide covers all the main options available to you whether you have a smart TV or a standard TV with no access to the Internet. Read more.