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How to get the best broadband deals

Deciding on the best broadband to choose can be a difficult decision because there are so many different factors to take into account to make sure that you get the deal that suits you best at the right price.

There are a range of questions that you should ask yourself while searching for broadband deals that should help you narrow down to the areas that are most applicable to you, such as:


What broadband speed should I choose?

One of the most important choices when deciding to choose a broadband plan is how fast the average download and upload speeds are. These speeds can vary hugely between different broadband companies, the type of broadband selected and the location that you are receiving the broadband connection.

The standard broadband connection is through a home landline using ADSL technology. Depending on how far away you are from a telephone exchange you may receive a slower download speed the further away you are so bear this in mind and always use a broadband availability checker tool. Most broadband providers will give you estimated speeds based on you using their checker tool on their website.

If you like to stream online content regularly, download large files or enjoy regular online gaming then you will likely want to opt for the best fibre broadband contract. Fibre broadband is a much faster connection that ADSL and because there is more bandwidth a greater number of people can use the broadband line at the same time with no noticeable slowdown in speed across your network. If you want even more speed then look out for superfast broadband contracts.


How many people will be using the Internet at home?

If the whole family is going to be connected to the Internet then you need to bear in mind whether your broadband connection will be fast enough to cope with multiple people on the same network using a variety of Internet capable devices at the same time. You may be surprised at just how many Wi-Fi capable devices in your home could be connected to your home broadband at any one time. The list could include several mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, TVs, streaming devices such as Amazon Fire Sticks or Echo devices, set top boxes, etc.

If everyone in the household was using one or multiple devices at the same time you would need to have a fast fibre broadband package to cope with the network traffic.


Unlimited broadband or capped usage?

The majority of home broadband contracts are offered with unlimited usage, with only the lowest cost home broadband contracts stipulating a maximum amount of data that can be used in a month.

Unless you are a very light Internet user it is usually best to opt for an unlimited usage contract as you won’t then be faced with any unwanted extra charges for going over your permitted data threshold.


Which broadband providers service my location?

The performance of broadband providers will vary based on the location of the customer. Some providers have a very wide coverage area such as BT, whilst their rival Virgin Media (although their broadband speeds are much faster) have a lower coverage area.

Using a broadband coverage checker is important to gauge whether the provider has good coverage in your area. Most checkers ask you to enter your home postcode and/or home phone number so that the coverage check can be done.


Do I need broadband only, or a broadband, phone, and TV bundle?

Some of the best broadband deals come in the form of “bundles”. These are basically several services bundled together into one package by the same provider. By bundling your services together you will usually get greater cost savings and special offers on the deal. The more services you bundle, the better the deal usually.

There are some companies that excel at offering broadband, phone and TV bundles. Depending on your budget and the type of TV channels you would like to have you should consider on of the following provider deals:

  • Sky TV broadband, TV and phone bundle
  • Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone bundle
  • BT broadband, TV and phone bundle
  • TalkTalk broadband, TV and phone bundle
  • Now TV broadband and TV bundle

How much do I want to spend on my monthly broadband contract?

Generally speaking, the faster the broadband speed, the more expensive the broadband contract. There are some fantastic offers on broadband but ultimately you get what you pay for so if you have a specific monthly budget in mind for your broadband you can compare contracts by cost using our broadband comparison tables.

Either by ordering your results to show the lowest cost contracts first, or by searching on broadband contracts in certain thresholds such as up to £20 per month, £20 to £25 per month, £25 to £30 per month, etc.