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ADSL, fibre and ultrafast fibre broadband options available from one of the world’s largest telecoms providers – coupled with extensive home phone and TV entertainment package options. At 300 Mbps and with a 100 Mbps speed guarantee, BT’s new Ultrafast Fibre Plus option is the first true high speed alternative to Virgin Media’s top offerings.

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BT is one of the most popular broadband choices for UK households with nearly 10 million broadband subscribers. Check our BT broadband comparison table below for all the latest BT offers and online specials.

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BT broadband Review and Overview

BT is the largest and most well-known broadband provider in the UK. Their Openreach network is the backbone that most fixed line broadband operators use to offer their own branded broadband services. So if you are currently with another broadband provider (apart from BT and Virgin who have their own network) it is highly likely that you have been using the BT infrastructure to get broadband piped into your house – both ADSL and the faster fibre optic broadband options.

There are a wide variety of broadband options to choose from so light Internet users are equally catered for when compared with heavy usage customers that may need to stream content regularly.

The Home Hub provided by BT is well regarded, secure and reliable and BT broadband comes with a range of security enhancements such as the encryption and integrated firewall on the Home Hub router through to the BT Virus Protect, BT Call Protect and BT Parental Controls which can be configured to suit your family circumstances.

In recent years TV has been a major focus for BT with the introduction of BT TV their own TV service to rival that of Sky, as well as launching their own dedicated set of sports channels.

When combining broadband, home calls and TV into one home media package (BT also have a mobile phone network) you can obtain some excellent package bundle deals from one of the leading providers of broadband and TV services in the UK.

Types of BT broadband explained

BT broadband can be bought as part of a bundle that includes TV or it can be purchased as a contract that includes landline calls and broadband (it is a requirement that a landline is taken as part of a BT broadband package).

There are two main types of broadband offered by BT – fibre optic and standard ADSL.

BT Superfast Fibre 1 and 2 (known previously as BT Infinity 1 and 2) are the standard high-speed fibre optic broadband options on offer at BT. BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus is the flagship product, with speeds up to 300 Mbps and a speed guarantee of ‘at least 100 Mbps’ – with £20 back if this is not met.

Standard BT broadband is offered via an ADSL option which will offer slower download speeds but on the plus side the coverage is more widespread across the country and prices are cheaper.

BT Superfast Fibre 1

Download speeds for Superfast Fibre are offered on contracts that specify a 36Mb average download speed or a 50Mb downloads speed depending on your requirements.

BT Superfast Fibre 2

Superfast Fibre 2 is the faster option with download speeds averaging at a 67Mb download speed and unlimited usage is permitted (subject to ‘fair use’).

BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus

Ultrafast Fibre Plus is BT’s new flagship fibre offering and clearly designed to take on Virgin at the ultra-fast premium end of the broadband market. Speeds are an average of 300Mbps, but if your speed falls below 100Mbps at any time, you can claim £20 back.

Standard BT Broadband

Standard BT broadband is offered via ADSL and gives you an average download speed of 10Mb per second.

Both Superfast Fibre and standard broadband give you the option to pay for an unlimited download option or a cheaper version that has download limits. If you are a light or medium Internet user you could save money by selecting the limited option. On the other hand if you browse the Internet a lot, stream content online or enjoy online gaming it is likely that an unlimited option would be the best option.

All BT fibre or ADSL broadband contracts are taken over an 18 month period and there are often BT broadband offers to be had which are online exclusives only.

Can I get BT broadband? Use our BT broadband checker

BT is known for having a wide network within the UK so even if you live in a rural location it is highly likely that you will be able to receive broadband from BT (even if it is not the fastest Superfast fibre).

A free and quick way of checking to see whether you could get BT broadband is to use our BT broadband checker tool. This is the first step towards switching broadband to a better deal.

All you need to do is to enter your home postcode into the tool and a list of deals will be generated for that specific postcode location.

BT TV and broadband

BT TV is a platform that is based on the YouView service which allows users to view digital TV channels that would normally be available on the Freeview service and adds in catch up and on demand streaming options into the mix.

A number of the BT TV boxes allow for you to pause, rewind and record TV so you won’t miss a moment of your favourite TV shows.

A major attraction to BT TV is that it combines the best elements with accessing Freeview channels (with the option of adding more channels that aren’t available on Freeview) with the addition of being able to stream additional content. A consequence of this is that it is necessary to have a BT broadband subscription in order to use BT TV.

Because streaming content is such an integral part of BT TV the recommended download speeds to view high definition content is 5Mb or better and 2Mb or better for standard definition broadcasts.

There are three main BT TV and broadband packages that include a set top box that is capable of recording, with one additional package that includes a non-recordable box.

BT TV deals including a recordable set top box

BT TV Classic

The BT TV Classic package contains the fewest number of TV channels on offer at 80 in total but you get a wide range of channels included as well as a set top box that can record up to 300 hours of TV, pause and rewind live TV.


The Entertainment package includes 100 channels and 20 premium channels. The recordable YouView+ box is included as standard.


The Max BT TV package includes up to 143 channels in total and includes the YouView+ UHD box which allows up to 600 hours of recordable content. Also included is the 4K UHD BT Sport channel.

Each of the BT TV packages includes a BT broadband deal so in addition to choosing the TV channels that are best for you, it is important to take into account the speed of the broadband as well.

TV and broadband bundles begin with packages offering 36Mb average speeds with the top package offering up to 67Mb download speeds.

What BT TV channels can I get?

4 Music
Alibi HD
Animal Planet
Animal Planet HD
BBC Alba
BBC News
BBC News
Box Nation
BT Sport 1
BT Sport 1 HD
BT Sport 2
BT Sport 2 HD
BT Sport 3
BT Sport 3 HD
BT Sport UHD
Cartoon Network

Cbeebies HD
Channel 4
Channel 4 +1
Channel 4 HD
Channel 4+1
Channel 5
Comedy Central
Comedy Central Extra
Comedy Central HD
Crime + Investigation
Crime Investigation HD
Dave HD
Discovery HD
Discovery Science
Discovery Science
Discovery Turbo
Disney Junior
Disney XD
E4 + 1

Eden HD
Eurosport 1
Eurosport 1 HD
Eurosport 2
Eurosport 2 HD
Five +1
Five Star
Good Food
Good Food HD
History 2 HD
History HD
ITV + 1
ITV2 + 1
Lifetime HD

Movies 24
MTV Classic
MTV Music
Nat Geo HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Wild
Nick Jr Too
Nick Junior
Sky News
Syfy HD
Universal Channel
Universal HD

BT broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy BT broadband

  • BT is an established brand and one of the largest providers of telecommunications services in the world.
  • With BT Superfast Fibre 2 the average download speed is a 67Mb.
  • BT offer an Ultrafast Fibre Plus service that provides 300Mbps with a 100Mbps speed guarantee!
  • There are a wide variety of broadband products which cover different download speed requirements and price points, so there will likely be a package to suit most people.
  • Broadband coverage from BT is nationwide with a vast number of telephone exchanges around the country to provide services even to many of the most remote areas within the UK.
  • By taking out one of the various BT broadband packages you will be entitled to a variety of free extras such as BT Virus Protect, BT Call Protect, BT Parental Controls, and BT Email.
  • BT offer state of the art Home Hubs to get you online that feature industry standard encryption technology to keep your wi-fi network safe along with an integrated firewall which will monitor incoming and outgoing web traffic. Updates are regularly sent to the Home Hub so that the latest security fixes are applied automatically.
  • BT broadband comes with free BT wi-fi which means when you are out and about you can connect to one of the 5 million BT wi-fi hotspots around the UK.
  • A real benefit to using BT broadband is that there is no traffic management in operation so your connections will not be intentionally slowed down by BT at any time.
  • There are often a number of special deals on broadband with many being online exclusives.
  • BT offer a great TV service which can be taken as a bundle – broadband, calls and TV.
  • The BT TV service is powered by YouView and works as a TV catch up and on demand service with some models of BT TV box providing recording features (similar to what you would get via a Sky+ box). Various apps can be used to stream content on a BT TV box such as Netflix, ITV Hub, NowTv, BBC iPlayer, etc.
  • BT Sport is offered to all broadband customers not just users of BT TV and is currently home to a wide range of UEFA Champions League games as well as numerous other sports.

Potential negatives with using BT broadband

  • BT is not the cheapest broadband provider on the market although on speed of download and upload there are few providers that can match their high speeds.
  • The fastest fibre optic broadband is not available in all areas of the UK yet.
  • The TV packages do not offer the same range of channels as those of Sky or Virgin at the moment.
  • Standard contracts do not have fixed term price guarantees so your price could increase during the term of the contract (with BT Plus you would get a fixed price guarantee as well as enhanced support).
  • Contracts for broadband are fixed at 18 months – there are no shorter contracts available.
  • The latest Home Hub is not available on standard broadband – you need to take out a contract on the faster BT Superfast or Ultrafast broadband service.