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Vodafone offer just two broadband products and both are unlimited fast fibre packages, bundled with one of the best routers available. There are no set up costs or line rental charges and you could get a further reduction on your monthly bill if you’re an existing Vodafone mobile customer.

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No up-front costs, no set-up charges and no line rental charges at all!


Discounts available for existing Vodafone mobile customers


Network speed guarantee with discounts if expected speeds not met

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Perhaps better known as one of the most established names in mobile telecommunication, Vodafone have expanded into the home broadband market. Check our Vodafone broadband comparison table below for all the latest Vodafone offers and online specials.

For a detailed broadband service check use our postcode checker to see which Vodafone services you could receive at your location.

Vodafone broadband review and overview

Vodafone are known as one of the largest mobile network operators in the world so they have great experience of delivering high volume data networks. They are rolling out their own fibre optic network, and between that and the existing infrastructure, there is a unique speed guarantee which stipulates that if a customers’ broadband speed drops below a certain level, the customer is entitled to a reduction on their broadband bill that can be claimed easily through the company’s own smartphone app.

Broadband coverage is not as high as that of BT for instance, but the speeds on their fibre network are very good and the Vodafone broadband router is excellent with a range of handy features.

Vodafone is a particularly attractive option for broadband if you are an existing customer because you can then get a reduction on your (already low) monthly broadband cost. Vodafone are one of the few companies that do not charge for home line rental (they itemise this cost as £0)!

Types of Vodafone broadband explained

Vodafone offer two types of fibre optic broadband which are largely the same product but with differing speeds.

Vodafone Superfast Fibre 1

Superfast 1 broadband is marketed by Vodafone as having an average 35 Mbps speed with a guaranteed 25Mbps speed (or you will get your money back if it drops below that level). Contracts are taken out over 18 months and broadband usage is unlimited.

Home phone landlines are included free of charge with the service. The cutting edge Vodafone Broadband router is included which provides a number of useful high tech features.

Vodafone Superfast Fibre 2

Superfast Fibre 2 is the fasted fibre broadband offered by Vodafone. The average speed of the service is 63 Mbps with a guaranteed 55Mbps speed (or you will get money off your bill).

Superfast 2 offers unlimited usage so there is no need to worry about going over data usage caps.

With Superfast 2 you will get a home phone landline included as part of the contract free of charge and there are no setup fees on the 18 month minimum contract term.

The Vodafone Broadband router is included as standard and is recognised as one of the better routers available on the market.

It is important to remember that if you are an existing Vodafone customer you will be entitled to a reduction on your monthly broadband bill.

Can I get Vodafone broadband? Use our Vodafone broadband checker

Vodafone broadband coverage is wide but not quite as wide as the fibre optic broadband contracts offered by BT for instance. However, if you live in a town or city it is highly likely that you will be able to get Vodafone Superfast Fibre Broadband.

Use our broadband checker tool to see whether Vodafone broadband is available in your area and compare Vodafone broadband deals against other providers that service your area.

You can use the handy filters on the broadband postcode checker tool to show only deals from one provider or superfast fibre only, etc. Click the button below to use the postcode checker tool below.

Vodafone TV and broadband

Currently Vodafone do not offer a TV option that can be bundled with their broadband and landline deals. They are one of the few large operators that do not offer TV so it is highly likely that they will introduce the service as an option at some point in the near future.

Vodafone broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy Vodafone broadband

  • Vodafone offer high specification fibre broadband at a very competitive cost because there is no phone line rental cost. Their monthly contract fees compare favourably to all of the major broadband providers.
  • There are no complicated options to choose from. There is a simply choice between two fast fibre broadband deals.
  • The Vodafone broadband router is included with new contracts and is one of the most sophisticated bundled routers on the market.
  • The Vodafone router features a “boost” which allows you to prioritise the signal to a given device on the network for a period of time.
  • Vodafone Superfast 1 and Vodafone Superfast 2 broadband contracts are offered on an unlimited usage basis.
  • If you are an existing Vodafone customer you can receive a discount on your monthly broadband charge.
  • There are no upfront connection fees.
  • Vodafone supply a free 6 months use of F-Secure anti-virus software to keep your devices as safe as possible.
  • Vodafone operate an “Ultimate Speed Guarantee” which means if your speed drops below the guaranteed broadband sync speed as stipulated by Vodafone you can clam 15% off your broadband bill. Checking the sync speed is easy via the Vodafone broadband app and the discount will be added to your account immediately.

Potential negatives with using Vodafone broadband

  • Vodafone broadband contracts have to be taken over a minimum 18 month period – there are currently no shorter contracts.
  • There are no Vodafone TV bundles available.
  • Only fibre broadband is available at Vodafone so if you are not within range for a fibre connection there isn’t the option of taking and ADSL connection instead.