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Virgin have the highest average download speeds of any mainstream broadband provider by a massive margin, with their top VIVID 350 package being 3.5 times faster than the new 100 Mbps BT Superfast Fibre Plus. Factor in Virgin’s range of TV options that is currently rivalled only by Sky and it’s clear to see why their packages are in such demand. Check out our latest Virgin Media offers below.

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Speed of up 362 Mbps via their own dedicated fibre optic network


Virgin offer arguably the most comprehensive range of entertainment options


Latest V6 Tivo box is a huge improvement over older hardware

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All the latest Virgin Media VIVID fibre broadband, Virgin Media TV & landline deals

Virgin Media supplies ultrafast fibre broadband to millions of UK homes and businesses over its state of the art optical fibre network infrastructure. Check our Virgin Media broadband comparison table below for all the latest Virgin Media offers and online specials.

For a detailed broadband service check use our postcode checker to see which Virgin Media services you could receive at your location.

Virgin Media broadband review and overview

Virgin Media currently offers the fastest broadband available in the UK from any of the widely available broadband providers. The top of the range VIVID 350 package has a blisteringly fast 362Mbps average download speed which would be plenty fast enough for even the most data hungry of households.

If you are able to receive Virgin broadband in your area it is also well worth considering their other options such as Virgin TV (and Virgin Mobile). The Virgin TV service uses a recordable set top box that allows you to pause, rewind and record up to 6 shows at the same time. You can also take advantage of the streaming capabilities to view the latest in on-demand catch up TV. Not only that, but you can view content in stunning 4k resolution using the Virgin V6 box.

There are very few downsides to selecting Virgin as your broadband and TV supplier. They may not be the cheapest on the market but their broadband is the fastest and they have a fully featured TV package which can be bundled with their broadband.

The only real downside is that Virgin coverage throughout the UK is not as high as many of the other broadband providers. Around 60% to 65% of households in the UK are capable of receiving Virgin services – although coverage is increasing consistently.

So use our broadband postcode checker to see whether you are within a Virgin service area and if so you could have the pick of the fastest broadband and one of the widest selections of TV programming available.

Types of Virgin broadband explained

Virgin Media offers fibre optic broadband across the full range of broadband packages. They do not offer standard ADSL broadband which means there is no requirement to be close to a telephone exchange to get a fast download speed – this is a big advantage over their rival large broadband providers. That said, you do still need to live in an area / street that has had Virgin’s fibre network rolled out to it.

Incredibly, the slowest average broadband download speed is 54Mbps with an average 3Mbps upload so whichever package you opt for you will be receiving a blisteringly fast broadband connection.

Virgin Broadband contracts can be taken over a 12 month period or for a highly monthly fee a 30 day rolling contract can be taken out.

All Virgin Media contracts offer unlimited usage which is important because at the very high download speeds and the wide use of TV entertainment streaming and on-demand services it would be very easy to burn through a high amount of data transfer.

Virgin Media

The average download speed for the VIVID 50 contract is 54Mbps, with upload speed average at 3Mbps.

Virgin Media

The VIVID 100 plan is one of the mid-range broadband options from Virgin Media. The average download speed is 108Mbps with an average upload speed of 6Mpbs.

Virgin Media

The VIVID 200 option is the quicker ultrafast option with download speeds averaging at 213Mbps.

Virgin Media

The VIVID 350 package is the fastest broadband currently on offer from Virgin Media. The average download speed is an incredible 362Mbps with upload speeds averaging 21Mbps.

With each of the Virgin Fibre Broadband packages you can choose to have a landline or not. If you include a home phone landline you will receive Talk Weekends.

But Virgin Media Broadband really comes alive when you factor in additional TV viewing options in the form of TV, broadband and phone bundle packages. By adding in additional services you can get a great value overall entertainment package.

Can I get Virgin Media broadband? Use our Virgin broadband checker

This is the big question that any potential Virgin Media customer will ask. If you are in a Virgin Media service area, lucky you. If not, Virgin are constantly rolling their service out to new locations around the UK. In the meantime you can lodge your interest with Virgin Media by giving them your postcode – if enough people do the same it will force Virgin to extend their service as there will be a demonstrable clear demand for it.

Use our Virgin broadband checker to see if your postcode is within a service area. There are a selection of filters on the check tool so you can narrow down the deals to only those that you are most interested in.

Enter your postcode in the broadband checker below.

Virgin Media bundles – TV, broadband and phone

Virgin Media offer bundles of services which you can pick and choose depending on your specific requirements, these include the ability to add on Virgin Broadband, Virgin telephone landline, Virgin TV and Virgin Mobile.

Virgin TV V6 box

The set top box from Virgin is one of the best on the market – certainly up there with the offerings from Sky.

The V6 box allows you to record 6 TV shows at once while watching a 7th show recorded earlier. You’re able to store 500 hours of SD content on the box or 100 hours of HD shows.

There is an excellent TV catch up service which lets you access on-demand content through an intuitive search facility that will help you to find the content wherever it may be on the box (catch up TV, box sets or Netflix if you have subscribed to the service.

You can connect the V6 box to a tablet or mobile phone around the home so that you can carry on watching something that you started on your TV and finish watching the show on your mobile device.

If you have a 4k capable television you can use the V6 box to view 4k quality content via the V6 box.

You also have the flexibility to use the V6 box apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube for the latest in on demand entertainment content.

If you’re on the move you can use mobile data to view your content using the Virgin TV Go app.

Virgin Media TV packages

VIP Bundle

The VIP bundle is the top TV package bundle on offer from Virgin. It includes:

  • VIVID 350 (the fastest Virgin broadband at a 362Mbps average download speed)
  • 260 channels which include Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport HD
  • Talk More Anytime
  • The ability to stream HD and watch 4k quality content
  • TV on demand from a variety of catch up services such as BBC iPlayer
  • Virgin TV Go for viewing content on the move
  • Virgin Box Sets (a huge selection of on demand box sets to choose from)

Full House Bundle

The Full House bundle also offers a huge number of TV channels but fewer of the premium Sky channels. It includes:

  • VIVID 200 (Virgin broadband running at a 213Mbps average download speed)
  • 230 channels (includes BT Sport HD, Disney, Nat Geo Wild HD)
  • Talk More Anytime
  • The ability to stream HD and watch 4k quality content
  • TV on demand from a variety of catch up services such as BBC iPlayer
  • Virgin TV Go for viewing content on the move
  • Virgin Box Sets (a huge selection of on demand box sets to choose from)

Mix Bundle

The Mix TV bundle includes:

  • VIVID 200 (Virgin broadband running at a 213Mbps average download speed)
  • 150 channels
  • Talk More Anytime
  • The ability to stream HD and watch 4k quality content
  • TV on demand from a variety of catch up services such as BBC iPlayer
  • Virgin TV Go for viewing content on the move

Player TV Bundle

Player TV is the lowest cost option from the TV packages and includes a range of Freeview TV and radio channels along with a slower broadband line. Highlights include:

  • VIVID 100 (Virgin broadband running at a 108Mbps average download speed)
  • 70 channels
  • Talk More Anytime
  • TV on demand from a variety of catch up services such as BBC iPlayer
  • Virgin TV Go for viewing content on the move

Virgin Media broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy Virgin broadband

  • Virgin Media Broadband is by far the fastest widely available broadband on offer in the UK by a huge margin. The fastest broadband package from Virgin averages download speeds of 362Mbps!
  • Broadband contracts from Virgin offer unlimited broadband usage across the full range of home broadband options.
  • If you don’t use your landline for calls, there is no need to take out a landline at all if you opt for Virgin Broadband because Virgin will arrange for a cable to be run to the property to enable a broadband only connection.
  • There are a wide variety of options that are sure to suit most requirements.
  • Contracts can be taken out over a 12 month contract, a rolling 30 day contract or in the case of students a convenient 9 month contract which fits into term time.
  • Virgin Media offers one of the most comprehensive TV viewing platforms in the UK. Only Sky is truly comparable.
  • The Virgin Super Hub is a very sophisticated piece of router technology that is capable of retaining Wi-Fi signals over long distances.
  • Due to the fact that the equipment from Virgin is rented it means any repairs will be carried out by Virgin on your behalf free of charge (provided you haven’t intentionally broken the equipment yourself).
  • Internet security services are provided free of charge with broadband contracts to keep you safe while browsing online.
  • Reliability of TV services using the Virgin equipment is high because the technology makes use of underground cabling, as opposed to Sky TV which uses satellite technology which can be subject to reliability problems when there are stormy weather conditions.
  • There are a wide variety of TV channels, catch-up and on demand services to choose from using Virgin Media.
  • By selecting one of the many Virgin Media deals you could get a full broadband, phone line, TV and mobile phone deal (if required). This keeps all your bills bundled with the same provider and means you can get excellent discounts on account of bundling services.
  • Switching broadband to Virgin can be very easy because your current ADSL connection can continue to run whilst your Virgin Broadband service is being setup (ADSL is different to the cable technology used by Virgin so they can happily run at the same time so no broadband downtime).
  • Virgin are one of the largest ISP’s in the UK with a high level of broadband reliability customer satisfaction.

Potential negatives with using Virgin broadband

  • The largest downside to Virgin Media Broadband is the relative lack of broadband availability within certain areas of the UK (when compared with BT for instance). Around 60% – 65% of households in the UK are capable of receiving Virgin Media packages. If you are lucky enough to be in a Virgin Media service area you will be able to get some of the fastest broadband connections in the UK. If not, you can still let Virgin know of your interest and leave your postcode with them. If enough interested people do the same it may convince Virgin to roll out services in your location.
  • Virgin is not the cheapest provider of broadband services. This however is understandable given the significantly faster broadband download speeds than virtually every other provider (and certainly every widely available internet service provider).
  • During times of high load on the Virgin network there may be period of traffic management in place which may reduce broadband speed for certain services such as peer to peer users.
  • If you take out a TV package with Virgin you will be able to receive the vast majority of channels available. The one exception being Sky Atlantic. There are consistent rumours that Sky Atlantic will be provided to Virgin customers, but this has yet to be announced.