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What’s so good about fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband is many times faster than standard ADSL broadband so using it can open up a number of new opportunities that simply weren’t possible using ADSL.

The deals on our fibre broadband comparison table range from an average 31Mbps to 100Mbps. If you need even faster speeds take a look at our superfast broadband comparison page which only includes broadband deal speeds averaging 101Mbps or faster!

As well as being a very fast type of broadband connection most fibre broadband contracts come with an upgraded router when compared with the standard ADSL routers on offer.

Major benefits to owning a technologically superior router is the ease with which you can add a number of different Wi-Fi devices to the home network and also the increased Wi-Fi range. So if you enjoy sitting in the garden browsing your emails it is highly likely that your device will have the range to stay connected to your fibre router even if you are some distance away from it.


Do I need fibre broadband?

There are certain situations where it is clear that fibre broadband would be the best broadband option. If, for example, your household can say yes to a selection of these statements it is highly likely that fibre broadband would be your best option:

  • I live in a family household with several people that regularly use the Internet.
  • There are a wide range of Internet capable devices that regularly access the Internet – such as mobile phones, tablets, televisions, games consoles, etc.
  • On-demand catch up TV is regularly streamed at home through BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Sky TV, Virgin Media TV, BT TV or YouView.
  • Online gaming is popular in the household.
  • The Internet is used regularly for browsing, email, downloading and video calling.
  • Music and or movies are regularly streamed to a variety of devices connected to the home network.
  • Wi-Fi capable devices are used simultaneously at peak times.
  • There are regular visitors to the house that also connect to the broadband connection.

If you could say yes to a number of the above, it is most likely that you would benefit from getting fibre broadband. For those that only want to browse the Internet occasionally and do not regularly stream or download content it may not be worth the additional cost to move to a fibre connection so a standard ADSL connection may well suffice.


Which broadband providers offer fibre broadband?

There are very few providers that don’t offer fibre broadband as an option. In the main broadband providers will offer a low cost ADSL option, a mid price range fibre optic broadband plan and (in some case) a top end superfast broadband plan.

Broadband providers that offer fibre broadband include:

Virgin Media
Now Broadband
John Lewis Broadband


Is unlimited broadband really unlimited?

Broadband companies aren’t allowed to mislead customers by stating that a broadband product is unlimited unless it is truly unlimited or it is unlimited with what is known as a fair use policy.

Also bear in mind whether a company marketing unlimited broadband operates a form of “traffic management” on their network that could potentially slow down your broadband line at certain times of the day or in particular circumstances.


Can I get fibre broadband?

When fibre broadband was first released to consumers in the UK the coverage levels were low, but over the years coverage for fibre has increased significantly so it is highly likely that you will be able to get fibre broadband in your area.

There is approximately 95% coverage for fibre broadband (with at least a 30Mbps download) in the UK. England is slightly higher than 95% fibre coverage overall – with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the next best coverage areas in that order.

So unless you live in a very rural area it is extremely likely that at least one of the fibre broadband providers will be able to provide service to you.

By using our broadband availability postcode checker you can check which fibre deals you can get. If you have a particular favourite provider or budget that you want to stay within remember to use the handy filters on the comparison tool.