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TalkTalk have successfully targeted the budget end of the market, which has seen them take on over 4 million UK subscribers with their range of ultra-competitive broadband and TV entertainment deals. If you’re looking for a great deal on broadband and a great TV service at a fraction of the price of others, then check out the latest TalkTalk deals below.

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TalkTalk broadband review and overview

TalkTalk are known for having the most competitively priced broadband and TV packages on the market. Their packages and straightforward to understand and if you are switching broadband from another provider they will offer assistance which can offer great piece of mind to customers that are less technically minded.

Broadband coverage is very high with TalkTalk because they use the BT Openreach infrastructure so the vast majority of households in the UK will be able to purchase TalkTalk broadband (and TV) with no problems.

TalkTalk TV is one of the most flexible TV packages available if you are cost conscious and want to have a variety of TV programming. For example at some providers such as Sky or Virgin if you want to watch premium TV channels such as sports or movies you would be tied into a longer term contract (often 12 or 18 months).

However, at TalkTalk TV you can choose to subscribe to premium channels from month to month so you could catch the latest movies for a month and if there is a great month of sport the following month subscribe to sports instead.

TalkTalk offer flexible and cost effective broadband and TV services which have made them award winners for their value and TV services.

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Types of TalkTalk broadband explained

There are two types of broadband on offer at TalkTalk as standalone products. The standard ADSL broadband product is known as TalkTalk Fast Broadband with the fibre broadband option known as TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband.

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

Fast broadband is taken over a 12 month minimum contract term and includes line rental in the price.
Usage is unlimited with no traffic management or caps and download speeds are an average 11 Mb per second.

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband

Faster Fibre Broadband is an 18 month contract and as the name suggests is a speedy 35Mb broadband package which would easily cope with streaming content and online gaming.

TalkTalk are one of the lowest cost broadband providers on the market so if you are on a tight budget and don’t need all the bells and whistles of ‘superfast’ broadband TalkTalk is a great no fuss option.

By creating a TalkTalk TV and broadband bundle you could get both services from the same provider to cut out the complication of getting bills from multiple companies.

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Can I bet TalkTalk broadband? Use our TalkTalk broadband checker

TalkTalk use the BT Openreach infrastructure to connect their customers broadband (as do the vast majority of ISP’s in the UK) so coverage in all but the most rural areas should be very high.

To ensure that you could receive the TalkTalk services that you would require use a quick and free TalkTalk broadband checker tool. This will tell you whether TalkTalk services are available in your area.

To begin simply enter your home postcode into the checker and a list of available deals will be generated based upon your postcode. You can filter deals based on TalkTalk only or compare against other broadband providers.

TalkTalk TV and broadband

TalkTalk allow you to bundle standard a standard broadband contract or fibre broadband contract with their TalkTalk TV service which includes a set top box that will allow you to record, pause and rewind live TV as well as streaming content and viewing programming from over 80 channels.

There are two different types of set top box that you can choose from:

You will be viewing Sky TV channels via a satellite connection but there are a range of catch-up TV services that will require the use of your broadband to download the programming onto your Sky Q box so when choosing your broadband option bear in mind the Sky broadband speed you would ideally need to stream content and the number of devices that might be sharing the connection. The more devices that are accessing the broadband connection at the same time, the more chance that there could be decreased speeds across the network.

TalkTalk TV Box

  • Allows you to pause and rewind live TV (no record facility)
  • TV catch up on-demand service
  • Over 80 free channels to watch (including 15 in HD)
  • You can choose to add and removed new paid channels a month at a time

TalkTalk TV Plus Box

  • Pause, rewind and record up to 185 hours of TV
  • Allows you to pause and rewind live TV (no record facility)
  • TV catch up on-demand service
  • Over 80 free channels to watch (including 15 in HD)
  • You can choose to add and removed new paid channels a month at a time

Your choice of broadband will depend on how you choose to watch TV. If you prefer to watch traditional terrestrial TV and won’t be using the catch up services or digital streaming then you may find that the “Fast Broadband” option at 11Mb speeds may be more than sufficient for your needs.

If you intend to make use of catch up TV and streaming content you may want to look at the TalkTalk Fibre broadband option known as Faster Fibre Broadband which runs at an average speed of 35Mb which should easily cope with streaming digital content to a variety of devices such as televisions, laptops, games consoles, tablets, phones, etc.

What TalkTalk TV channels can I get?

TalkTalk TV Free Channels

There are 70 free TV channels with 15 HD channels and over 30 radio channels that are available via TalkTalk TV. These channels include:
Channel 4
Channel 5
BBC Four
4 +1
More 4
Film 4
Ideal World
Create and Craft
ITV 2 +1
4 +1
5 Star

ITV +1
ITV3 +1
QVC Beauty
Rocks & Co
Food Network UK
Travel Channel
CBS Reality
Tru TV
Horror Channel
Jewellery Maker
Dave ja vu
Talking Pictures TV
4 HD
Tiny Pop
BBC News
BBC Parliament
Sky News
QVC Style
Quest +1
The Store

Channel 5 +1
ITVBe +1
BT Showcase
ITV4 +1
TruTV +1
YourTV +1
Shop 8-12
BlazeBlaze +1
Children’s Section
Ketchup TV (streamed channel)
Channel 5 HD

Catch Up TV

The beauty of pairing your TV with your broadband connection is that you can take advantage of on-demand catch up TV. TalkTalk TV allows access to the following catch up TV services:
BBC iPlayer
Channel 4
Channel 5
Netflix (extra subscription)
Now TV (extra subscription)
BBC News
BBC Sport
Tiny Pop

As well as catch up TV services you can access the TalkTalk TV Store to buy or rent hit TV shows or the latest movies from the convenience of your home. You can stream or downloads content so you can watch it again and again.

TalkTalk TV Premium Extra Channels

An excellent feature of TalkTalk TV is that you can add and remove premium TV channels using one of the TalkTalk TV Boosts one month at a time. This means you could take out Sky Sports for example but not be tied into a lengthy 18 month contract.

Examples of TV channels you can add via a TV Boost:

Sky Sports channels
Sky Cinema channels
Sky One
Sky Living
Fox Gold
National Geographic
Nick Jr
Disney Channel

TalkTalk broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy TalkTalk broadband

  • TalkTalk are a large established provider of broadband services with just over 4 million subscribers and are part of the “big 4” broadband providers in the UK.
  • TalkTalk currently offer the cheapest fixed line broadband available on the market.
  • They offer a fixed price guarantee meaning that the price you agree for your broadband contract will not be increased whilst you are within the duration of the fixed contract.
  • All the TalkTalk broadband contracts offer totally unlimited usage levels with no usage caps or traffic management in place.
  • When you sign up for a TalkTalk broadband deal you will receive one of their latest wi-fi 802.11ac router hubs for free.
  • TalkTalk broadband comes with free online security features via SuperSafe boost powered by F-Secure which will help to protect you from phishing, viruses and online banking fraud.
  • As part of your landline you will get free call privacy from CallSafe which will help to prevent unwanted pest calls along with caller display, reject anonymous calls feature, barring last caller and voicemail free of charge as standard.
  • Switching broadband from another provider is made easy by TalkTalk. They will let you know if and when to cancel your old broadband contract.
  • TalkTalk Faster Fibre is the UK’s lowest cost fixed price fibre broadband with average download speeds of 35Mb.
  • The TalkTalk TV and broadband bundle provides a low cost alternative to Sky or Virgin with the facility to record, pause and rewind live tv, use catch up on-demand services and watch 80 channels including HD channels.

Potential negatives with using TalkTalk broadband

  • TalkTalk broadband can only be taken out in areas covered by their network infrastructure (they use the BT Openreach network so coverage levels will be very high). Use our postcode coverage checker for more details.
  • Although TalkTalk broadband would be an excellent choice for many, their broadband is not the fastest on the market. So if you are an online gamer or heavily stream online programming you may want to consider how many devices will be on your network concurrently and whether there will be sufficient bandwidth for your needs.
  • Ofcom complaint figures for TalkTalk are higher than the industry average.