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Broadband and phone packages

The vast majority of broadband providers require you to take a landline with their broadband product. Some providers allow the landline to be supplied by a different company but for the most part you should be looking to get a broadband and phone line from the same company.

To make sure you are getting the right broadband and phone package for your circumstances you need to ensure that your selected broadband provider covers your area (use our broadband availability postcode checker for this), your download speeds are fast enough, the price is within your budget and you have a sufficient broadband usage plan (unlimited is usually best).

When considering the phone line part of the package you need to decide how often you use your home phone and whether there are particular times in the day that you use it most as this will help determine what phone plan to opt for. By working out your typical phone usage you will then help to prevent paying for services that you simply don’t use or need.

Types of phone and broadband packages


There are two main choices when it comes to taking out a broadband contract and they are largely dictated by how fast you need your broadband to be.

ADSL (standard) broadband with phone

ADSL is the cheapest broadband option which works via the copper telephone cables that connect your landline. ADSL broadband technology is quite old and they can represent good value for those that don’t need the fastest broadband on the market. You can choose from unlimited usage or capped usage to save further money.

Fibre broadband with phone

Fibre broadband is the faster version of broadband that you can get at home. Speeds can be well in excess of 5 times faster than standard ADSL broadband. So if you have a large household of people that will use the Internet regularly or you have many Internet capable devices then a fibre broadband deal will usually be the best option.

Call packages

Once you’ve decided on the type of broadband you would like to get, you need to work out your regular home phone usage so you choose the most applicable calls package. Inclusive call packages include –

Free anytime calls

If you opt to take out a free anytime calls package you will be able to make calls to landlines and mobile phones at any time of the day or night free of charge provided that the type of calls fall within the rules of your calling plan. For instance international calls or 0870 numbers may not be included so always check the terms of your landline provider.

Free evening and weekend calls

By having a free evening and weekends call plan you will be able to make calls free of charge to landlines and mobiles within the hours determined as “evening” and “weekend” by your landline provider. The specific hours classed as evening and weekend can vary based on different companies so do check which are the “free” times as well as the type of calls that might not fit within the free call criteria.

Free weekend calls

Free weekend calls would amount to the same as the evening and weekend calls plan – just omit the free evening calls part!

PAYG (pay as you go) calls

This is a type of calling plan where you do not have inclusive free calls added into the package. You would simply pay the operators call charge based on the type of numbers you are calling, time or day, length of call, landline or mobile, standard, premium or international call. Essentially, your landline provider will have their standard call rates noted within their package details and these are the charges you will pay based on your calling activity.

You need to ask yourself which calling plan you fit into best and then opt for that one.

Who offers broadband and phone deals?

You will find that all the major broadband providers offer a broadband and phone package to customers so check the specific details, coverage and costs to see which packages suit you best.

A selection of the most popular phone and broadband packages are as follows –

Sky broadband and phone

Sky offer a great variety of options with their broadband and phone options. The added bonus is that their TV package allows you to add a viewing package that suits you.

BT broadband and phone

BT operates the largest landline network in the UK and has a strong selection of landline with broadband options. Their BT Call Protect is particularly useful in protecting you from nuisance calls and if you enjoy watching sports, the addition of a subsidised BT Sports can be a major attraction.

TalkTalk broadband and phone

If you are looking for a cheap, no-nonsense broadband and phone package then TalkTalk would be a good option. They are regularly one of the lowest cost broadband providers and have one of the largest subscriber bases in the UK.

Broadband and mobile phone deals

As well as broadband and home phone bundles you can also add in mobile phone deals into the equation. By taking out a bundle that includes mobile phone you could get a great value phone and broadband package.

Providers that offer home phone, broadband and mobile phone deals include BT, Sky, Virgin Media and EE. Keep an eye out for regular sales and online exclusives to save you extra money on your subscription charges.

Frequently asked questions – broadband and phone bundles


Can I keep my home phone number?

If you are switching landline provider you can port your existing phone number over to your new service. This is a service that your landline provider will provide on your behalf.


Will I have downtime on my service whilst switching provider?

Providers work to minimise the amount of time that you will be without phone or broadband services so you should not have downtime for more than a couple of hours whilst the old service stops and the new service starts.


How long will installation take?

Getting a landline and broadband switched to the new provider can take around 10 – 14 days as part of a standard switch of service.