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John Lewis may not a be a name you’d expect to find offering broadband, and indeed the service itself is actually provided by Plusnet. Take advantage of Plusnet’s reputation for speed and reliability, coupled with John Lewis’ reputation for excellent customer service and the great value broadband and landline packages below.

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Check our John Lewis Broadband comparison table below for all the latest John Lewis offers and online specials. For a detailed broadband service check use our postcode checker to see which John Lewis services you could receive at your location.

John Lewis Broadband review and overview

John Lewis, one of the most trusted names in the UK high street also offer a great broadband and home telephone service with a number of extras thrown into the package.

As would be expected from John Lewis the packages are straightforward and easy to understand with no hidden fees such as activation or post and packaging fees.

John Lewis are one of the few UK broadband providers to offer a UK based support service that is operated on a Freephone number and all broadband packages come with a security package to keep you safe online.

Broadband coverage from John Lewis is very good because they use the Plusnet network infrastructure so you have the strong combination of an excellent broadband network coupled with the highly lauded John Lewis customer service.

Types of John Lewis Broadband explained

John Lewis offer two Fibre Broadband options and one standard ADSL broadband option.

If you simply want to browse the Internet or check your emails then the standard ADSL option should be perfectly adequate, however, if there are multiple people in your household that will be sharing the broadband line and there will be entertainment content being streamed or downloaded online it is likely that a fibre broadband package would be more suitable.

John Lewis Fibre Extra –
Broadband with Phone

Fibre Extra is the fastest broadband line offered by John Lewis. The average download speed is 66Mb with an average 18Mb upload speed. Data usage is unlimited. A John Lewis landline is included in the package which provides evening and weekend calls as standard.

John Lewis Fibre –
Broadband with Phone

John Lewis Fibre Broadband is the mid-range plan which offers a speedy 36Mb average download rate with a 9Mb average upload rate. Monthly data usage is unlimited and evening and weekend calls are included with the inclusive John Lewis home phone landline.

John Lewis Unlimited –
Broadband with Phone

The John Lewis Unlimited Broadband plan is the cheapest broadband contract by John Lewis. As expected from the name it offers unlimited data usage and the average download speed is 10Mb.

With all John Lewis Broadband contracts the home landline is included as standard, the router is supplied with no post and packaging fee. In addition the activation fee is included in the cost.

Evening and weekend calls are included with all contracts, but if you want to upgrade to anytime calls or anytime calls with international calls you can add a small monthly cost onto the price of the contract.

Can I get John Lewis Broadband? Use our John Lewis Broadband checker!

John Lewis Broadband is provided by the Plusnet infrastructure which means broadband coverage is wide throughout the UK.

To check whether you are able to get standard or fibre broadband from John Lewis use our broadband checker to see which deals are available within your area.

Just enter your postcode and select the provider and type of deal you are interested in and our tool will do the rest.

John Lewis TV and broadband

John Lewis do not offer a TV viewing package with their phone and broadband packages. So if you wanted to include TV viewing you could take out John Lewis Broadband and then use Freeview or an on-demand streaming service such as Now TV or Netflix. Alternatively you would be free to take out a TV viewing pages from a provider such as Sky TV.

John Lewis Broadband positives and negatives

Positive reasons to buy John Lewis Broadband

  • John Lewis Broadband packages all come with unlimited usage as standard.
  • The broadband network used by John Lewis to deliver their service is the award winning Plusnet.
  • John Lewis is renowned for excellent customer service with all broadband support guaranteed to come from a UK call centre using a Freephone number.
  • The fibre broadband contracts offered by John Lewis start at a minimum 12 months. Most fibre broadband providers offer 18 month minimum contracts.
  • A PC security package is included with all John Lewis Broadband packages.
  • Broadband line activation is free of charge.
  • A router is supplied with broadband contracts.
  • A free John Lewis email address is provided.
  • Evening and weekend calls are included as standard with John Lewis Broadband.
  • Broadband coverage is widely available throughout the UK.

Potential negatives with John Lewis Broadband

  • John Lewis Broadband is not the cheapest broadband on offer in the UK.
  • John Lewis Fibre Extra offers a fast 66Mb average download speed which is fast, but not as fast as some of the fibre optic broadband offerings from Virgin Media or BT.
  • Although the broadband is classed as unlimited, there is some traffic management to maximise network performance during high load periods.
  • There is no option to select broadband only – to take broadband it is necessary to have a John Lewis phone line (included as part of the package as standard).