Virgin Media have begun a trial with selected customers of a new firmware patch to their current Superhub v3 router which aims to improve connectivity for multiple devices.

The new limited firmware trial purportedly makes use of the AirTime Fairness (ATF) technology according to ISPReview and is aimed and improving and prioritising traffic when multiple devices are connected to the same network.

Most modern WiFi networks are adept at prioritising traffic but in environments where there are high numbers of devices connecting to the network with differing capabilities the new firmware should help to improve connectivity for Virgin Media customers on the trial.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media told ISPReview –

“We are in the process of trialling a number of exciting features as part of our continued investment to improve connectivity in our customers’ homes. We’ll keep customers updated once we have more information to share.”

Depending on the impact of the trial we may or may not see the new software rolled out to the remainder of Virgin Media broadband customers using the Superhub v3. Watch this space.