Tips to get cheaper broadband for students

  • Prioritise what you need most from your broadband
  • Follow our tips to save money on student broadband

How to get cheaper student broadband

When choosing a student broadband contract you want to consider exactly what it is that are most essential for you. Various options to take into account could be broadband connection speed, monthly payment amounts, the level of free data, contract term and whether landline calls and/or a TV subscription is needed as part of the package.

By focusing on the highest priority areas you can work out a great broadband deal because you won’t be paying for unneeded additional extras.

As well as ensuring that you’ve opted for the right deal for your circumstances there are several other tips that you can use to save money off your student broadband contract. Some will save more money than others and on some contracts it may not be possible to use our tips but they are worth bearing in mind.

Ideas to save money on your broadband

  • See if your provider will give you the option to choose a paperless billing option. By choosing to get your bills electronically by email rather than a paper version the broadband provider is saving money on preparing your paper bill and postage costs. The provider will typically charge more for paper based billing so opt out unless you have to have paper copies of your bills.
  • You may be able to pay for the contract up front. If so, making a large up-front payment will usually result in a cheaper overall price over the life of the contract.
  • Keep an eye on price increases for your current service and any deals that are on offer from other broadband providers. There will usually be a cancellation penalty clause in a student broadband contract but depending on the offer from the other provider you may save money even if you were to pay the early cancellation charge.
  • When you’re working out overall costs for the service make sure you bear in mind any extra charges that might make the service more expensive such as delivery charges for equipment, extra data charges, early cancellation fees, etc.
  • If you know you are going to use a lot of data you should only look at unlimited data transfer contracts. Capped broadband contract will be cheaper per month but if you go over the allowed data in a month the extra charges can mount up dramatically and prove to be expensive.
  • When you are out of contract with your current provider you hold all the cards. This is an excellent time to haggle with your broadband provider because you can threaten to leave for another company without an early cancellation penalty and they know it. You can usually get a decent reduction on your current monthly bill but it will involve re-contracting to the original broadband provider so make sure their new offer is better than what is on offer at rival companies.

Compare student broadband deals

Now that you are armed with a variety of tips to help you save money on your broadband take a look at our dedicated student broadband comparison table to see a list of the best student broadband deals available at the moment. Remember that our deals are updated regularly to include contracts from the major broadband companies in the UK.

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